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    Hilux and Trailer

    Prawle Point CRV
  3. 121vs

    Vauxhall Brava

    Prawle Point CRV
  4. Steamy

    Old CG Training School in Christchurch

    https://www.advertiserandtimes.co.uk/news/green-light-for-steamer-point-demolition-9195301/ PERMISSION has been granted for the former Steamer Point Coastguard to be cleared by developers this summer. BCP Council’s planning committee rejected Pennyfarthing Homes’ housing plans for the site in March over concerns they were not in keeping with the area, writes Josh Wright of the Local Democracy Reporting Service. But the council has now given it the green light to clear the site ahead of any future proposal for redeveloping it being approved. Submitted before last month’s dec
  5. JohnWard

    Keep Fit Association, Mersey Class 12-13

    Soon to disappear forever from the Yorkshire Coast
  6. Steamy

    CG Weapons.JPG

  7. Jonpd

    Bob the builder helmets

    Yes I do, the white one was called a Cromwell helmet I think.
  8. aaron

    By gone days

    Hi Tony, Thanks for the reply, I also apologise for the slow reply. That's really useful, at least we have somewhere to start now, before we only had our suspicions that it was Coastguard. I'll continue the search for information! Thanks again, Aaron
  9. Steamy

    wagb 10 polar star.jpg

    © piet sinke

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