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  2. Steamy

    CG Weapons.JPG

  3. Jonpd

    Bob the builder helmets

    Yes I do, the white one was called a Cromwell helmet I think.
  4. aaron

    By gone days

    Hi Tony, Thanks for the reply, I also apologise for the slow reply. That's really useful, at least we have somewhere to start now, before we only had our suspicions that it was Coastguard. I'll continue the search for information! Thanks again, Aaron
  5. Steamy

    wagb 10 polar star.jpg

    © piet sinke

  6. Old coastie

    By gone days

    Hi Nutty I've got an idea that that Landrover was stationed at Fairlight Coastguard
  7. Nutty

    By gone days

    Hi Arron, Sorry for the delay in replying, that photo must be 30 years old and was taken at Rye Harbour Lifeboat Station, we had a C class boat back then, like a big D class with twin 40hp mariners. The Land Rover was part of Rye Bay Coastguards, there might be one or two still around who remember it but I’m now retired from the RNLI after 37 years, started off as a new recruit and ended up as LOM so I must have done something right. You could always try FB and ask them on there, feel free to copy the picture to use and keep. Good luck and stay safe. Tony.
  8. aaron

    By gone days

  9. aaron

    By gone days

    Hi, I was wondering if you're the original photographer of this image, and if so, do you have anymore information no the Land Rover? We've owned it for the past 6 years and came across this photo of it! It would be interesting to know the history and find out where it was stationed! Thanks in advance!! Aaron😃
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