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  2. Jonpd

    Group training .jpg

    I can still remember the set up too including "nipping the luff"
  3. blue

    Group training .jpg

    😂😂 you having a luff
  4. Daiball

    Group training .jpg

    I reckon I could still set it up, including "Dogging the Tails" (which has nothing to do with hanging around car parks at night!!!😂😂😂)
  5. blue

    Group training .jpg

    Yep I was tending the Lee whip and could set it up now 😂
  6. Steamy


    Apologies but Credit unknown....
  7. Steamy


    @DaveWCurrie Gratuitous pic of a helicopter with some braw scenery. #SAR training on Bute today. #Scotland #AW189
  8. Rick1349


    They will sit at COBS and end up SCOO / COAC kit movers probably and a CRO will likely never touch them. Shame really as no doubt most teams struggle to get man power to taskings especially technical rescues on flank team patches once the CRV has its 4 places filled
  9. Zorro


    chances of seeing this out on the coast i would say is 0.
  10. Daiball


    At Last!!!!! TEAM transport! Great, but where is all the kit going to go?😂😂😂
  11. Paraflare


  12. 2E0FVL Pete


  13. Cliff


  14. Steamy


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